To promote the launch of 2016 MTV animated series "Greatest Party Story Ever," we wanted to engage viewers in a new show while breaking away from the trend of platform-specific "branded" executions. So we created our own 8-bit "choose your party-venture" game.  Custom written + built in-house using Twine on a native URL, we were able to hand-create an engaging cross-platform experience at a good cost - minus the constraints and predictability of 'branded' posts on a third party social site.

Written by Hannah VanderPoel / Art Director + Design: Prashast Thapan / Producers: Dzifa Yador and Colleen Reilly

Beginning on a simple landing page, users are prompted by single click-thru options. Each choice leads to a new party situation with a new prompt, all based on real stories from "Greatest Party Story Ever." After 4 prompts, players land on 1 of 16 possible party adventures from the show. They can click thru to view corresponding video clips, leading them into the show.